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What is “Progress”?

Why do we seek progress in this world? We presume that growth, growing bigger, expanding, making more money and gaining more power is a good thing. But the energy of this world is limited and we cannot leave it. The Hubble Space Telescope looked as deep into space as possible, and took a photo known […]

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Letter to Rep. James Lankford (OK) — Stop NSA Spying on Americans

Dear Representative Lankford: I am writing to ask that you introduce legislation that would end the programs run by the National Security Agency (NSA), such as PRISM, XKeyscore, and any others like it, end the related activities of the FCIS and Federal law enforcement, and pass legislation that fund government programs that would aggressively protect […]

Senator Tom Coburn (OK) Fails to Address NSA Spying Concerns

On July 24, 2013, I wrote to Senator Tom Coburn to express my concerns about the National Security Agency’s “PRISM” program. The program “XKeystone” was subsequently disclosed in the media. Unfortunately, Senator Coburn responded with the same “talking points” that have have already been repudiated in public discussions.  He did not respond to the most […]

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Writing “Home Work” From Stephen King’s “On Writing”

Exercise: Write Unplotted Narration. Basic scene setting: Girl meets boy, boy turns out to be a creep, boy stalks girl, girl gets a retraining order, boy stalks girl anyway and kills girls. In particular, girl come’s home and smells boy’s aftershave in house (and upstairs creeking) even though he’s supposed to be in jail. Then […]

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Louvina Baker – Daily Journal – May 28, 1930

Place: Winfield, Kansas Arrived at Omnibus [?] Camp and got our bearings, partly. After eating downtown the Blairs [?] and Mother left and we went to a meeting at North Hall. Dr. Goldsmith raved as did a few others about the trip and that was all. After so many difficulties we returned but not to […]

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Louvina Harsh (Baker) – June 1, 1930, 12:00

Memphis, Tenn. Sunday, June 1, 1930. Took excursion on my first boat 20 miles up the Mississippi about 9 o’clock. About 40 went. The boat was “Island Maid” and had four decks with a dance hall and every thing for your pleasure. Arrived back in camp at 12:00.

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Louvina Harsh (Baker) May and June 1930

My Trip: Going May 29, 1930, Winfield, Kansas. Weather: Rainy. Memphis, Tenn. June 1, 1930. Trips to Clarence Saunders’ home, however, he never lived in it and it is now a museum for the City of Memphis. It is called the “Pink Palace” and is constructed of Georgia marble. It has 32 rooms, little theatre […]

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Do Not Join the Disney DVD Movie Club

Let’s get right to the point for you busy parents: Do not joint the Disney DVD movie club because you will not be able to buy all the standard Disney Movies. That’s right. Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Snow White, Cinderella, etc. You cannot buy them because they are “unavailable.” Disney has resorted to a sort of […]

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“Personhood” Movement – An Abortion for Corporations

According to on-line reports, Initiative 26 in Mississippi would define personhood as “every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.” Anti-abortion activists seem to believe that it will “open the door” to overturning Row v. Wade. If passed, such a rule of law may have the unintended effect of […]

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